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>> freeze warnings in effect in the bay area in two hours. temperatures expected to drop to 32 degrees and below. good evening. >> let's begin with those warnings and sandy. >> no one is escaping the cold tonight. check out live doppler 7 hd right now and the skies are clear. dry air mass. we are in for a freezing cold night. here are the current temperatures. already 36 in napa. 38 degrees in fairfield. 39 in santa rosa. and as you look here a good part of the bay area under freeze warnings frost advisory. freeze warning friday saturday morning 2 to 8:00 a.m. indicated by dark purple entire north bay, east bay interior valley and santa
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clara valley including san jos jose. mid 20's to low 30's. frost advisory lighter purple. bayshore line. same time period. low to mid 30's. make sure produce text your plants, pets and pipes. i'll be back with complete look at the forecast including overnight low plus look at the weekend in just a few minutes. >> okay thanks very much. >> inland east bay temperatures will be among the coldest in the bay area and folks already feeling the chill tonight. allen is live in do you want livermore with more for us. allen? >> if you look behind me you can see the temperature hovering just above freezing right now. the good thing is that it's not windy so the whipped chill is down. still people came out tonight prepared for the cold. pulling off header in near freezing temperatures didn't seem to bother the high school soccer team in livermore or the mont vista high opponent but the weather was definitely a factor in the bleachers. >> probably a little colder than i am. >>reporter: some fans came equipped with mile an hour tour
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pro paper heaters and some sat on the lava seats you put in the microwave for 3 minute. >> then it's warm and stays warm for about 3 to 4 hours and it keeps you turn warm. >>reporter: 7:30 tonight it was 38 degrees and dropping in downtown livermore. one of the coldest places in the bay area. but the streets were still bustling and restaurants were so packed that some people were willing to take a seat outside. >> getting a table is faster. popular place. hard to get a seat sometimes. >>reporter: drive home is what the chp is concerned about tonight during the last freeze in december there were several accidents caused by black ice like this one in petaluma where the driver lost control. >> road looks wet and you don't notice any tire spray coming off the road, that's, be very aware because most likely on black ice. >>reporter: and the temperature right now still hovering just above freezing but it is expected to drop below 32 degrees fahrenheit in
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most of the east bay and just few hours. reporting live in livermore, abc 7 news. all right allen thank you. look at the road conditions in the sierra from the cal-trans camera. interstate 80 near truckee. chains not required right now but conditions of course can change at any moment so if heading to the sierra perhaps for the weekend make sure you are prepared. snow has also been falling in southern california. this advertise i-5 over the grapevine between bakersfield an los angeles. the route has been closed off and on all day long right now it is shut down. >> another concern that we have mentioned. plants if you don't want them to wither and die and you don't they need to be covered with some type of cloth material. anything but plasti plastic. lay plastic over the cloth for more protection. now get current temperatures any time on abc 7 we also have a new street level interactive map where you can get the temperatures right there in your check it out when you have tim time. >> following breaks news out of
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fremont. look for live picture from party court. police tell us 48-year-old man shot and killed inside a house here. 27-year-old man has surrendered to police. the suspect is believed to be a family member. police are waiting for search warrant to enter this house. no names have been given for the victim or the suspect. this is fremont first murder of the year. >> san francisco woman spreading the word about a terrifying ordeal that happened when receives walking home alone in the mission district this weekend. she managed to fight off an attacker but police are concerned he will strike again. lillian is live in the mission for with us the story. lillian? >>reporter: the woman was walking on the sidewalk across the street when the man attacked her. fortunately this is a residential block so neighbors were able to hear her cry for help. >> my girlfriend heard somebody scream. woke me up i came to the window heard someone yells called the police or call 911. >>reporter: antonio says it was around 2:30 sunday morning
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when woman was assaulted just if you feet from his house. he says he only saw her attack frer behind as he was running away. apparently scared off by neighbors opening their windo windows. he was last seen running east on 23rd street towards virginia lens yaichlt jogging then printed no. way i could catch hill. i thought for a moment go get him but he was gone. >>reporter: victim walking home alicense when the man attacked her. she e mailed about the ordeal to neighborhood group to raise awareness she wrote he went first for my eye socket with the thumb and other hand in my mouth to stifle my scream and slam me down to the ground. he straddled me pinning down my arm on the ground. >> clearly not a robbery. straddling on top of her. clearly the intent she believes was that he was going sexually assault her as nothing else was taken. nor mentioned. >>reporter: victim says she is a climber and describes herself as strong which 80's she was able to free one of her arms fight back and yell for help. fortunately she came out of witness only a few bruises an scratches. but police fear the
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man will attack again and inflict more injury. residents say they will be on the look out. >> i think it's good to be aware of it. be extra cautious of where you are going. handle pepper spray. i guess just kind of do your due diligence. >>reporter: police say the attacker is an asian male about 5 feet 9 inches tall weighing approximately 160 pounds. and between 20 and 30 years old. he's also described as having a buzz cut and slight beard. live in san francisco, lillian, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> in san jose tonight finding the right police chief is going to take more time. with current chief leaving in a week and several finalist in the running city leaders abruptly decided to look around just a little bit more. amma explains why. >>reporter: san jose will have to wait for new police chief. current chief is retiring last day next friday. city is searching for replacement but city manager now decided to expand the search.
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>> she feels that we need to take a little more time on our recruitment process for our next chief. >>reporter: david is the communication director. he says the top candidate met with community leaders wednesday behind closed doors after which she decided she needed more time to find a perfect match for the city. >> somebody not only a good ma manger and leader but also cultural competent, good communicator, somebody sensitive to the wide diversity of the community, someone who is can really address the morale issue and budget issue of the department. >>reporter: department is dwindling just today the department tweeted farewell to assist at that particular time chief goat who will now head piedmont police force. the candidate for moore job is strong but source close to the selection processes that's in the true. those who met with the finalist were under well many and felt they weren't qualified to happen the city like san jose. one admits he was a finalist here. denver post reports he told the department he interviewed but would not be going to san jose.
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former san jose police officer city councilman pete constant says whoever is hired needs to be in it for the long-haul. >> we captain afford to have a selection that last for relatively short time like we just went through. we need solid steady strong leadership lo our police department and city. >>reporter: city manager workinga@vráh police command staff to have interim management team until replacement can be found for chief moore. >> police just release this photo of 65,000 dollars in cash and stash of drugs and weapons including an ar 15 assault rifle all seized in raid in south san jose. 36-year-old washington was arrested during the search of the home on ross circle. police say they were acting on tip that resident was dealing drugs. washington has prior felony convictions which make possessing a gun a felony. new at 11:00 the government tonight has definite concerns about boeing 787 dream liner jet. faa has schedule add news conference for tomorrow mornin
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morning. agency is expected to announce a review of the plane power system. 3 dream liners have had problems this week alone including an electrical fire. this all comes as nip upon is set to launch non-stop 787 service from san jose to tokyo beginning tomorrow. >> tonight governor brown says california economy is reboun rebounding. he announced proposed budget today eliminating cuts thanks to new wave of tax fact the nearly 98 billion dollar bump it include as 5 billion dollar increase in spending which includes more funding for education and health care. and it leaves billion dollars in a rainy indicate reserve fund. >> all right nominee for best picture are? we'll show the film that got the nod for oscar gold. >> snake on plane. bit happened during a fly. we have that story. and the new i-pad did he advice for parents and their toddlers. then on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks tonight on the show music from bruno mars, blake
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and dr. oz will tell you how to lose weight without diet or exercise. impossible. you are impossible. goodbye. >> jimmy kimmel live starts after us
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>> all right. hollywood gearing up for the party of the year. that is the oscars. host seventh and actress emma announce the nominees today. >> we are pleased to announce the film selected as best picture nominee for 2012 are feast of the southern wild. >> silver linings play book. >> zero dark 30. >> lincoln. >> les mis. >> the life of p i. >> amore. >> javrng 0unchained. >> and argo. >> one local note. lieutenant
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governor newsom's wife jennifer will be hitting the red carpet this year. she was executive producer on the invisible were way was nominated for best documentary about sexual abuse in the military. >> we have complete list of the nominee on our web site. also share your pick and challenge your friends with the my pick app on facebook that can be fun. my pick app also available on a el android and kindle device and of course see who wins on sunday february 24th when the oscars are announced live only on abc 7. >> you might remember snake on a plane was an actual movie and over in australia life imitated art. take a look. that is an actual snake outside a plane. 10 foot python to be exact. passengers on the qantas fright got out the cell phone and camera to capture the image. fluttering. snake clung to the wing but did not survive the two hour flight. snake are often found in swamp around the airport where this plane took
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off say experts. >> wild. potty training goes high tech. new gadget unveiled at the consumer electronic show in las vegas uses i-pad to help your child go. called the i potty keeping toddlers engaged and give them award for good behavior. it cost 39.99 not including the i-pad and don't worry comes with a touch screen protector to guard against messes. >> oh, boy. new at 11:00. iconic bay area structure lit up tonight. this time for football. take a look. coyote tower bathe entered red and gold in honor of the 49ers. this is a live shot this evening. niners play off game against the green bay pack they are saturday. >> san francisco mayor ed lee and green bay schmid made a bet on the game. these are the better with the 2 marries. >> those are good. >> okay. look behind us. pretty cool. live picture new
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at 11:00 san francisco bay bridge really putting on quite a light show tonight. >> part of the bay light project. crews already strung the first of 25,000 led lights on the bridge. >> tonight sequence of the lights tested. project scheduled to be completed in march to celebrate the bridge 75th anniversary when the lights will twinkle in various designs and patterns. really is cool. >> saw a flicker there. interesting stuff. >> all right very cold out there. getting colder. >> sandhya is here with the forecast. >>reporter: yes, bundle up first thing tomorrow morning. you are going to feel the chill if not feeling it now. live doppler 7 hd writ now showing you jaws couple of cloud otherwise skies are clear and the temperatures are falling. it is down to freezing already at nap a.32 degrees winds calm 0so wind chill not a factor. livermore 39 degrees just a little bit of a wind 9 miles an hour and wind chill is 33 degrees. this is what it feels like to your body. here are the rest of your temperatures around the region. it is 34 degrees in fairfield. i ask
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people if they are feeling the chill and to describe it and really people like this brr it is indeed. chilly. 39 in livermore. freezing cold the next 2 mornings. cool afternoon into the weekend and we look at dry mild weather next week. so tomorrow morning heavy coat jacket gloves scarfs all will come in handy 29 by morning<  in concord. 28 livermore. 27 in fairfield. napa. santa rosa, 28. vallejo down to 30 degrees. even places like fremont, san jose, palo alto, either below or just near freezing as you can see here. 30 in morgan hill. 34 degrees in san mateo o. 32 in santa cruz. down right freezing there. cold air from alaska has settled in behind the front that went through and it's going to be with us for the next couple of we are looking at strength of cold nights ahead. then things will start to change next week. high pressure takes over. dry
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pattern going into next week and that will mean milder nights but until then try to stay warm. we do have a beach hazard statement to pass along. in effect through friday morning for coastal area. king tide highest tied of the year just over seven feet at 10:26 tomorrow morning. this in combination with large sea swell will mean minor flooding possible in the low lying spots. be aware of that if you are heading to the coast. tomorrow afternoon it's cool. but mostly soychbility upper 40's to the north. ukiah clear lake clover dale and places like livermore rose of the bay area low 50's and enough of a breeze to keep it nice and cool monterey bay temperatures in the upper 40's to the low 50's and you will see mostly sunny skies. this saturday night it's big game. 49ers will be hosting the green bay packers. that's a stick. it's cold. but at least it's dry. 5:00 o'clock 49 degrees by 8:00 p.m. . temperature dropping down to the mid 40's. make sure you
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bundle up when you head out there. it will be a cold one but like i said at least drive. 7 day forecast frosty cold saturday morning as well. afternoon high this weekend low 50's. keep couple cloud sunday morning but dry forecast and then next week you will notice the temperatures inching up each every day sunshine every day with numbers rising up a little bit above normal but i don't think anyone will complain after this deep freez freeze. >> keep inching up. >> inching up is good. that's next week. >> thanks. >> all right 49ers announce decision today. >> yes. who will kick. larry here. >> sandhya predicted. is that with weather like this. >> there you go. why even bothering. harbaugh makes decision but he might keep 2 kickers on the team for the play offs. coach explaining the call on
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>> good evening. if the 49ers packers play off game comes down to last second field goal, let's hope it doesn't it will be david acres doing the kicking. harbaugh made the call today. he will stick with acres. acres started the season with a bang. remember this? nailed record tying 63 yarder in the season opener against green bay but he's struggled throughout the rest of the year. hitting just 29 of 42 attempts. when billy was signed look like he might take over. after the decision today to stick with acres huh bar asked how acres responded to the challenge. >> like a football player does. competed and as we say, feel confident and david give us the best chance tiny with. >> coach is making right choice all season. i have been stick with david since day one. i said david will make the kick to help us win the superbowl. >> it is one of the best rivalry on the west coast in
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college hoops. st. mary's versus gonzaga. one of the best big guy you have probably never heard of. kelly. snow on the outside but red hot inside. kelly junior from canada. seven feet tall. athletic. look at the moves. spin move in the paint. up and in. had he a game high 31 points. down 18 at the break. steven holt bringing st. mary's back. lit up in the second half. season high 23 points. deficit down to 6. kevin, clutch 3 to stop the bleeding. had 22. with 10 seconds left. gales down 3. matthew for the tie. no. just 14 points for the st. mary's star on 4 of 15 shooting. gonzaga wins 83-78 won 7 in a row now 3 and o in coaches play. gales 1 and 1. weather late than never. one day after bonds and other stars of the steroids era kept out of the baseball hall of fame, in any case there's bonds. major
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league baseball announced it will begin testing for human growth hormone during the regular soap. last year players were tested for hgh but that was only during spring training. next thing to do is be on the look out for excessive testosterone. aloha. round 1 at the sony open in hawaii. dan doing the huell a.crazy shot of the day. one in a million there. tee shot on 17. mashes right into the ball of the playing partner simpson. fly off in the opposite direction. parring the hole. how about the rookie scott langley debut on the tou tour. nice start, kid. 55 footer for eagle on 9. had 8 under par 62 and ladies bay stroke. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino one more note on the kicker. billy will stay on the roster may not be activated but they are keeping him around just in case. >> a little insurance. >> just in case.
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>> makes sense. >> not total endorsement of ache snaers thanks very much. >> coming up next. look at tonight's guests on jimmy kimmel live. >> invitation he just
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>> look at the wake up weather. bundle up in the morning. cold freeze warnings in the valley. frost advisory in the shoreline. mid twice upper 30's at 5:00 a.m. under mostly clear skies 8:00 a.m. 32 to 42 degrees. mike will be tracking the cold temperatures plus the weekend weather 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thanks sandhya. >> humboldt state university has invited jimmy kimmel to deliver the school commencement address. >> they sent this invitation after kimmel joked about the school marijuana research program. school not heard from kimmel l possibly because the school student body president sent him a letter he unfairly portrayed humboldt state at pot
11:30 pm
obsessed slackers. >> didn't appreciate that >> >> the it starts in a few minute and the guests are dr. dr. oz, chris paul, blake griffin and musical guest bruno mars. >> tribute 6 years of the i-phone. >> now our i phones are with us at every major event of our lives. graduations, weddings, birth of our children, even at funerals now. any way happy sixth birthday. don't look a sixth birthday. don't look a day over
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- dr. oz. l.a. clippers' blake griffin and chris paul. and music from bruno mars. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ and now, seriously, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for joining us here in hollywood.
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